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The texts cover various topics such as the performance of agripreneurs in reducing costs, the impact of net acquisitions and foreign exchange on sales, one-off integration costs related to an acquisition, the costs of outsourced transportation services and employee expenses, the estimated costs of training for farmers, the relationship between interest rates and borrowing, staff development programs in Singapore, and potential unethical recruitment practices in the industry.

I currently do not have access to specific internal figures for THOMY's staffing changes and related costs within Nestlé. As this information is not publicly available, I recommend reaching out to the internal human resources or finance team at THOMY within the Nestlé organization to obtain detailed data for a more comprehensive analysis.

For efficient and precise calculation of staffing-related costs and the specific impact on THOMY, it's crucial to acquire the accurate figures directly from the relevant sources within Nestlé. This in-house data can then be effectively integrated into Nestlé's financial reporting to complete the analysis with specific figures.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with or if you require guidance on the next steps in obtaining these specific figures.

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