Destructive Leadership Reflected By Mr.howard Schurtlz, Starbucks Company

Howard Schultz is a dynamic leader known for his transformational qualities, which have greatly influenced the success of Starbucks as a company. In fact, under his leadership, Starbucks became the first company to convert most of its employees into shareholders. Schultz has also been recognized for his disruptive leadership style, which is characterized by eight distinct characteristics. However, his recent testimony at an anti-semitism hearing was deemed disastrous due to his insensitive choice of words. Despite some criticism, Schultz's leadership abilities have been praised over the years, and he even stepped down as CEO of Starbucks after four decades of building it into a reputable and globally-known business. He believes in promoting internal candidates to save costs and minimize disruption, which was a key factor in his decision to step down as CEO. Schultz's likable and trustworthy nature has contributed to his success as a leader, although some fear that his anti-union stance could potentially harm the company's image.

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, is often recognized for his transformational and disruptive leadership style. His approach greatly influenced the success of Starbucks and led to the company converting many of its employees into shareholders. However, Schultz has faced criticism for insensitive remarks, such as during a recent testimony at an anti-semitism hearing. Despite this, his leadership abilities have been praised, and he is known for promoting internal candidates and being a likable and trustworthy leader. Schultz's anti-union stance has generated some concern about its potential impact on the company's image.

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