Description. H&m Article Number:1205289002

This text snippet describes the features of a top from H&M. It has a straight-cut hem with a slit on each side, article number 1205289002. The article also includes details about the size and fit: the top is a regular length, with long fitted sleeves, and a turn-down collar. The size information includes shoulder width (39.6 cm) and back length (69.5 cm), both labeled as size 40T. The last sentence addresses a feature of the H&M smartphone app, mentioning that it has a "Scan & Find" feature that allows customers to scan items in-store to find more sizes and colours.

The H&M article number 1205289002 corresponds to a top with a straight-cut hem featuring a slit on each side. This regular-length top is designed with long fitted sleeves and a turn-down collar, offering a versatile and elegant style. The specific size (labeled as size 40T) features a shoulder width of 39.6 cm and a back length of 69.5 cm. Additionally, H&M's smartphone app includes a "Scan & Find" feature, allowing customers to scan items in-store to access more sizes and colors.

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