Describe How To Use Calculator To Find P(z>1.8) With A

The text is about learning how to use a TI-84 calculator to find the z-score and probability for a given Normal distribution. It also mentions using a computer or calculator, specifically a TI-84, to find probabilities for a normal distribution without the use of the calculator.

To find ( P(Z > 1.8) ) with a TI-84 calculator, you can use the "normalcdf" function. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Press the "2ND" key, then press "VARS" to access the "DISTR" menu.

  2. Scroll down or press "2" to select "2: normalcdf".

  3. Enter the lower bound as 1.8 (since we want to find ( P(Z > 1.8) ), there is no lower limit, so just use a very small number like -999 or -1E99).

  4. Enter the upper bound as a very large number, such as 999 or 1E99, to approximate positive infinity.

  5. Enter the mean as 0 and the standard deviation as 1 since we are finding the probability for the standard normal distribution.

  6. Press "ENTER" to calculate the probability ( P(Z > 1.8) ).

After following these steps, the calculator should give you the probability that a z-score is greater than 1.8.

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