Dear Burleigh Brewing Company, I Am Writing To Express My

Burleigh Brewing Company, located in Burleigh Heads QLD, welcomes enquiries and feedback. They can be reached via phone or email, with different contacts for various regions. The brewery also has a taphouse and offers booking options. For any concerns regarding personal information handling, the company has designated channels for complaints. Founded in 2006, the company utilizes a range of technologies and has a strong presence in the Gold Coast community. Interested individuals can also reach out for business purposes, such as supplier requests and proposals. More information about the company, including contact details, can be found on their profile page.

Dear Ben Hammond,

Thank you for reaching out to express your interest in the Business Development Executive position at Burleigh Brewing Company. Although I can't send this message directly to the brewery, I can certainly help you craft a formal email to send them with the information I can provide.

It's great to hear about your current role and experiences as a Business Development Manager at Impos point of sale system. Your hands-on approach and background in hospitality seem to be valuable assets. The way you've described your ability to establish rapport with people and your proficiency in sales and technology installations is quite impressive.

In your email, you mentioned that you want to meet with the company to discuss the role further. You should specify a date and time for the meeting or at least request for one. Furthermore, I'd suggest looking into the company's specific requirements for the position and tailor your message or resume accordingly to demonstrate your fit for the role.

Here's a summary of the necessary points:

  • A strong opening expressing your interest in the position.
  • Highlighting your hands-on experience and strengths in establishing rapport, sales, technology installations, and meeting targets.
  • Demonstrating your interest in meeting with them to discuss the role further and providing your contact information.

I would also recommend researching the company's culture, products, and any recent news or achievements, as including some company-specific information in your email can show your genuine interest in joining their team.

If you have any other specific questions or need further assistance in communicating with Burleigh Brewing Company, feel free to ask.

Best regards, BrutusAI

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