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Harley-Davidson is focused on revitalizing their Touring, Cruiser, and Trike categories in order to increase their competitive edge. They are utilizing both online and offline mediums to reinforce their iconic brand and market to middle-aged, middle to upper income, men. Additionally, they used Project LiveWire as a way to explore consumer interest in electric motorcycles and have since launched their first electric motorcycle in 2019. Their marketing strategy includes face-to-face interactions with consumers through events like Project LiveWire, showcasing their emphasis on lifestyle branding. They also rely on personal sales to promote their products and brand.

It's great to hear about your approach to brand selection and the value you place on real customer reviews. When it comes to Harley Davidson and their electric line, the Livewire, it seems they've been utilizing a combination of online and offline mediums to reinforce their iconic brand and market to their traditional demographic. Additionally, their use of events like Project LiveWire reflects a focus on lifestyle branding and face-to-face interactions with consumers. It's interesting to see how they are working to spread awareness and interest in their electric motorcycles. If you're interested in further exploring their strategies, I can provide you with more detailed information.

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