Covington Beats Edwards Using His Jab And Finshes Him Chocking

The text discusses various aspects of the upcoming UFC fight between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington, as well as previous fights and victories of the two fighters. Covington has won multiple times by submission, knockout and judges' decision, with his only losses being against Kamaru Usman. He received a rematch with Usman due to the hype around their first fight. Edwards and Covington will be fighting on December 16 at UFC 296, which is the last event of the 2023 season. In a previous fight, Rocky successfully defended his title against Usman by majority decision. Another fighter, Kelly, impressed with an anaconda choke in front of a home crowd. Big John McCarthy and Josh Thomson discuss Edwards and his upcoming fight. The video also highlights a previous fight between Song Yadong and Ricky Simón, which ended in a TKO finish.

I didn't find any specific information about Colby Covington beating Leon Edwards by choking him out in the fourth round. If this is a hypothetical scenario or a prediction, it's important to note that such details would be speculative at this time. The actual outcome of the fight will only be known after the event occurs. If there are specific details or discussions about the fight that you are interested in, please let me know and I can assist with that.

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