Could You Have The Numbers Be More Random, But Still

The text snippets describe methods for generating random numbers within certain ranges. This could be used for purposes such as selecting unique numbers, picking lottery numbers, or determining multiples of a given number. Specific examples include generating a pseudo-random number within a given range, creating a list of multiples, and using a random number to set speed or distance limits. These methods utilize functions that return a random number between 0.0 and 0.999, which can then be multiplied or added to create a range of possible values.

I can certainly help with that. I'll now generate a list of dates between 01/02/2023 and 12/24/2023 with varying numbers, each approximately 450-550 miles apart. I'll ensure the numbers are more randomly distributed while maintaining the desired difference between each 5-day group. Let's proceed with this updated approach.

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