Construct A 98% Confidence Interval For The Mean Nicotine Content

The text describes how to use a TI calculator to calculate confidence intervals at different confidence levels, explaining that it is a statistical measurement that provides a range of values in which the standard mean should appear. It also mentions the use of normal distribution and t-distribution to calculate confidence intervals, with an example calculation and a table for finding the appropriate values. Finally, it explains how to use the formula when the population standard deviation is known to calculate a confidence interval.

To calculate a 98% confidence interval for the mean nicotine content, we can use the t-distribution.

The formula is:

[ \bar{x} \pm t^* \left( \frac{s}{\sqrt{n}} \right) ]


  • (\bar{x}) = sample mean (24.3 mg)
  • (t^*) = t-score for a 98% confidence level and (n-1) degrees of freedom
  • (s) = sample standard deviation (2.6 mg)
  • (n) = sample size (9)

After substituting the given values and calculating, the 98% confidence interval for the mean nicotine content of the new brand of cigarettes would be found. Let's proceed with the calculation.

Confidence Interval Formula | Calculator (Example With Excel Template)Confidence Interval: How to Find it: The Easy Way! - Statistics How To

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