Como Podemos Enquadrar A 3 Imagens De Keneth Waltz Na

According to Kenneth Waltz, wars bring about varying degrees of loss rather than victories. The conflicts analyzed in the text are not just between governments, but also between populations and governments of different countries. The three macroevents that have been modified in recent times are the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the conflict between Israel and Hamas. For liberals, the current global conflict is between democracies and authoritarian regimes. The situation is complicated by corruption and anti-democratic measures in the Palestinian Authority and restrictions imposed by Israel on the movement and trade of Palestinians. The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) brings about radical changes in war tactics due to advances in technology. In this context, according to Kenneth Waltz, the structure of the system includes the establishment of alliances, such as that between the US and Israel, formed in 1948. The authors of the text investigate the influence of the Israeli lobby in US politics and the impact it has on Middle Eastern power dynamics.

A relação das imagens de Kenneth Waltz com a guerra entre Israel e o Hamas pode ser vista através do quadro teórico proporcionado pelo autor. Waltz aborda as guerras como ocasionadoras de perdas em diferentes graus, em vez de vitórias. As imagens podem ser enquadradas dentro do contexto estrutural das relações internacionais, considerando a guerra entre Israel e o Hamas como parte do sistema internacional. Ele também destaca a influência das alianças, como a relação entre os Estados Unidos e Israel, formada em 1948. Além disso, Waltz analisa como as alianças e a evolução da tecnologia influenciam as táticas de guerra, o que pode ser relevante para entender o conflito em questão.

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