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The Clique is a kids and teen movie based on a popular book series, following a young girl, Claire Lyons, who moves from Florida to New York and tries to fit in with a clique of wealthy, snobby and self-centered girls. Through the movie, there is an overarching theme of the importance of labels, looks, and cliques in middle school. The movie is well acted, with Elizabeth McLaughlin playing the 12-year-old girl trying to fit in perfectly. It is a fun and wholesome movie, suitable for middle schoolers, though it contains some mature language and themes. While it is a decent watch, it may not be memorable enough to watch multiple times. Ultimately, it is a typical romantic comedy and coming of age story, but some may find it too "girly."

It seems there might be some confusion. The "Clique" you mentioned seems to be a romantic comedy, but the information provided is actually about a different movie with a similar title. Could you please clarify the details or the specific points you'd like more information on?

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