Client Often Has Trouble Turn Taking As They Refuse To

Teaching turn taking can be incorporated into everyday activities, such as using visual cues and incorporating engaging games and toys. It is important to ensure the child has a basic understanding of concepts and responsibilities before teaching turn taking, and rule-based board games can also be a helpful tool.

Based on the provided information and considering the client's difficulties with turn-taking and possession-sharing, a potential target could be formulated as follows:

Target: Given a social interaction opportunity, the client will appropriately engage in turn-taking behavior, sharing materials or activity participation with others, resulting in decreased social problems and aggression, as well as increased social opportunities.

This target focuses on the desired behavior of engaging in turn-taking and sharing associated materials or activities, aiming to address the identified social difficulties and aggression concerns.

Turn Taking - The OT ToolboxTeaching empathy and reciprocity - Building Capacity Resource

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