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This text describes the concept of node taints and tolerations in Kubernetes, and how they are used to control where pods can be scheduled and run. Nodes can be "tainted" with specific restrictions, and only pods with the corresponding "toleration" will be allowed to run on those nodes. The number of ready nodes (without the NoSchedule taint) can be checked and written to a file. Tainted nodes can be untainted to allow for pod scheduling. Taints and tolerations are not a guarantee for pod placement on a specific node, but they can work to repel or restrict pods from being placed on certain nodes.

You can use the following command to get the number of ready nodes (excluding nodes tainted with NoSchedule):

kubectl get nodes --field-selector=status.phase=Running --no-headers -o | xargs -I {} kubectl describe node {} | grep -c 'Taints:NoSchedule'

This command retrieves the list of nodes that are in the Running status, then for each node, it checks for the presence of the NoSchedule taint. The output will be the count of nodes without the NoSchedule taint.

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