Carcass Of Ogopogo Found In The 1930s

The fascination around the legendary lake monsters, such as the Loch Ness Monster and Ogopogo, has been ongoing since the 1930s when the infamous Surgeon's Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster circulated. Recently, a body found along the shore of Lake Okanagan has been speculated to be the remains of Ogopogo, reigniting the interest in these mysterious creatures. Similar sightings and discoveries have been reported, leading to various theories and beliefs about the existence of these monsters.

Reports of a carcass of Ogopogo found in the 1930s are not supported by credible evidence. The legend of Ogopogo, a mysterious lake monster said to reside in Okanagan Lake, has led to occasional sightings and claims of evidence, but no verified carcass from the 1930s or any other time has been found to substantiate the creature's existence. The fascination with legendary lake monsters, including Ogopogo, continues to generate interest and speculation, contributing to the enduring mystery and folklore surrounding these creatures.

The Legend, The Spirit, The Creature: The History of OgopogoPHOTO: Harrison's own Ogopogo? - Agassiz-Harrison Observer

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