Can You Write Out A Transcript Of Episode For Someone

This text is a collection of snippets discussing the characters and plot of the book or TV show "Dodger". It mentions a thief named Jack Dawkins who is accused of stealing gold, a theatrical impresario named Dame Eliza Vestris who has a problem involving a child, a child actor named Lenny Rush who stars in a Christmas special, and a popular comedy drama called "Dodger". The show features a new queen named Victoria and a group of thieves who plan a heist. The show has won BAFTA and RTS awards and has a fourth season in the works. The special episode is titled "Coronation" and features Fagin and the gang's biggest heist yet. There is also a TikTok video promoting the show and discussing a new young queen and coronation rituals.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't find an explicit transcript for the "Dodger Specials: 4. Coronation" episode. If you'd like to experience the show in a format more accessible for someone who's deaf, I recommend reaching out to the BBC directly to inquire about the availability of transcripts or closed captioning for the specific episode.

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