Can You Type Out Your Own Transcript Of The Episode

The various text snippets mention different aspects of the fictional character Dodger, a young thief from Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist. This includes Dodger's encounter with Dame Eliza Vestris and his involvement in a heist, as well as a festive special and a potential fourth season. The snippets also mention other characters, such as Lenny Rush, a potential new child for Eliza, and Queen Victoria who is portrayed by actress Nicola Coughlan. The comedy-drama series, which has won awards and critical acclaim, is known for its mixture of humor and social commentary.

I couldn't find a specific transcript for the "Dodger Specials: 4. Coronation" episode. However, the episode follows Fagin and his gang as they plan a heist to steal Queen Victoria's crown from her Coronation ceremony. Set in 1838, the gang returns to London after living on the run for a year, planning their biggest heist yet. The episode also features a special guest, Dame Eliza Vestris, and introduces a new character, Lenny Rush, a potential new child for Eliza. Additionally, Queen Victoria is portrayed by actress Nicola Coughlan. If you wish to experience the full episode, it is available for viewing on the BBC iPlayer.

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