Can You Reassure?

Access to justice is the fundamental mission that requires intention and action. It is an obligation to provide meaningful access to quality justice to all Californians, including a funded right. However, equal justice cannot be achieved unless the legal profession ensures access to all, regardless of ability. Recognized as critical for inclusive growth and tackling inequality, access to justice means the opportunity to secure one's rights under the law and obtain fair treatment. However, the United States is known for violating the principle of "equal justice under law" despite having the most lawyers. Action must be taken to ensure equal access to justice for all and recognize its links to poverty reduction and inclusive growth. This history is based on the written work of various justices and authors who recognize the need for a just legal system.

Upon thorough review, it appears that the Reaching Equal Justice report did not argue that "Legal services should be paid for by the government in their entirety" as a requirement to ensure access to justice for all. Thank you for your patience.

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