Can You Plese Create A Question To Ask Gbc That If I Study Construction Engineering Technician Diploma, After Gradutaion Is It Possible To Transfer Credits For Construction Management At Humber College Bachelours Degree?

Humber offers options for students and graduates looking to transfer credits or completed credentials into another program. These options include diploma to degree transfers in fields such as engineering, sustainable energy, and building technology. Students in programs such as construction engineering technology can move from certificate or diploma programs into advanced diploma or degree programs. Humber also offers diploma graduates from Humber or other institutions the opportunity to search for degree completion options. Additionally, Humber offers scholarships for students entering degree programs and advanced standing or transfer credit opportunities for eligible students.

It seems that Humber College offers options for transferring credits from a diploma program to a bachelor's degree program in fields such as construction engineering technology. They also offer opportunities for diploma graduates to search for degree completion options and provide scholarships and transfer credit opportunities for eligible students entering degree programs.

Construction Engineering Technology - Humber CollegeTransfer Credit - Humber College

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