Can You Name Three British Black Mental Health Influencers In

Efforts are being made by various individuals and organizations, including Sista Afya, the Black Mental Health Alliance, and others to promote mental health and self-care. 10 Black British lifestyle influencers, such as Uju Asika and Maria Tumolo, are being highlighted as important voices to follow. Tim and Vanessa have joined a campaign in response to a government survey revealing high rates of anxiety among Black adults in England. Other influencers, such as Nella Rose and Patricia Bright, are also using their platforms to address mental health. Attention is being brought to improving mental wellness literacy, providing support and resources, and advocating for policy change. One successful blogger and YouTuber, Grace Victory, is specifically noted as a leading voice on the issue.

Some prominent British Black mental health influencers in the UK include the following individuals:

  1. Tim and Vanessa: Advocates for mental wellness and have been actively involved in campaigns addressing mental health issues among Black adults in England.

  2. Nella Rose: As an influencer, Nella Rose uses her platform to address mental health and bring attention to the importance of mental wellness.

  3. Grace Victory: A successful blogger and YouTuber, Grace Victory is recognized as a leading voice in advocating for mental health awareness and self-care.

These individuals play a crucial role in promoting mental health awareness and wellbeing within the British Black community, offering valuable insights and support.

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