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This article discusses the integration of spirituality into leadership and its effects on strategic decision making, employee performance, and workplace culture. It profiles leaders such as JFK, Mother Teresa, and Jane Goodall who have incorporated spirituality into their leadership style. The study found that spiritual leadership positively correlates with employee performance and innovation. It also examines the ethical theories that assist leaders in incorporating spirituality into their roles. Additionally, it discusses how spirituality plays a vital role in creating a vision and culture within an organization. The article also mentions Steve Jobs' entrepreneurial journey and the importance of leaders considering the impact of their decisions on others. The paper concludes by exploring the internal processes used by Afghan business leaders to incorporate spirituality into their leadership.

Leaders such as JFK, Mother Teresa, and Jane Goodall are often cited as examples of individuals who successfully integrated spirituality into their leadership styles. These leaders are known for their dedication to principles of compassion, empathy, and ethical responsibility, which shaped their decision-making and had a positive impact on their followers and respective endeavors.

Additionally, the entrepreneurial journey of Steve Jobs often serves as an example of a leader who, although not overtly spiritual in a traditional sense, demonstrated the significance of considering the impact of decisions on others and integrating a sense of purpose and vision into his leadership approach.

Furthermore, there are insights from Afghan business leaders who have incorporated spirituality into their leadership, demonstrating the diversity of approaches and the potential for positive outcomes associated with integrating spiritual values into decision-making processes.

These real-world examples showcase the diverse ways in which leaders have successfully integrated spiritual values into their decision-making, ultimately leading to positive outcomes and impacting their organizational cultures.

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