Can You Create Your Own Transcript Of The Episode

Jack Dawkins is accused of stealing gold and his punishment is not a concern to anyone. In another story, Eliza Vestris is searching for a new child for the theatre while actor Lenny Rush highlights the importance of children's TV at Christmas. The episode features Queen Victoria and Fagin plans the gang's biggest heist with the help of the special. The BBC comedy DODGER continues with jokes about the royals and a new episode titled 'Coronation'. The BBC shares a TikTok video featuring the new episode.

Here's a brief transcript I've created based on the available information:

[The scene opens with Jack Dawkins being accused of stealing gold, but his fate doesn't seem to concern anyone. Meanwhile, Eliza Vestris is in search of a new child for the theatre, while actor Lenny Rush emphasizes the significance of children's TV during Christmas. The episode features Queen Victoria, and Fagin is planning the gang's most significant heist with help from a special. The BBC comedy "Dodger" continues with jests about the royals in a new episode titled 'Coronation', as the BBC promotes it through a TikTok video.]

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the content of the episode! If you'd like further details or need information about a specific part, feel free to ask.

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