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The benefits of using breathwork and music as tools for mindfulness and present-moment awareness are shared. However, if one is trying to focus on breathing, music may be a distraction and hinder the meditation process. Music meditation can be used to improve mental health, but it is important to choose calming music that does not distract from the breath. Selecting appropriate music is crucial for practitioners seeking to connect with Black and Brown audiences. Music can also help improve concentration during meditation by guiding breathing and bringing the practitioner into the present moment.

In this session, you can expect revitalizing breathwork combined with visualization meditation. This practice is designed to be performed while lying on your back with the support of blankets and bolsters. I will guide you through a deep, soul-cleansing breathing technique that facilitates the release of stress, trauma, anxiety, and much more. Throughout this guided session, you will experience the release of stagnant energy stored in your body, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Additionally, the use of calming music can enhance the experience, helping to improve concentration during meditation and guiding your breathing rhythm, bringing you into the present moment.

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