Can An Authorized Agent In Florida Sign A Contract For

The text discusses the responsibilities and authority of associations and their authorized agents in regards to rental properties and contracts in condominium units. It also mentions the importance of following governing documents and conducting due diligence before delegating any authority. It is emphasized that a corporation's officer must have apparent authority to enter into contracts. However, an association cannot delegate its responsibility to maintain the condominium.

In Florida, the authority of an agent to sign a contract for a condominium association is governed by the association's governing documents, as well as Florida state laws. Generally, an authorized agent of a condominium association does have the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the association, subject to the specific provisions outlined in the governing documents and state laws.

When it comes to engaging a CPA firm for a review engagement, it's essential to ensure that the agent has the appropriate authority as per the condominium association's governing documents. Additionally, it's important to adhere to any specific requirements set forth by Florida state laws regarding the delegation of authority for contract signing.

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