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This article provides information on various t-test calculators that can be used for statistical analysis. The tools mentioned include unpaired t tests, Weldh's t test (which does not assume equal variances), and paired t tests. These calculators can calculate exact p-values and 95% confidence intervals, as well as conduct outlier analysis and draw distribution charts and histograms. They also use T distribution. One calculator specifically compares two dependent population means, while another can be used for one sample t tests and two sample t tests. These calculators require user input and can be used to determine the statistical significance of paired or matched samples. A video tutorial is also mentioned for using a specific graphing calculator.

I have found a paired t-test calculator that can help with the specific calculations needed for this task. I will input the data and perform the necessary calculations.

Please allow me a moment to input the data and gather the results. I will provide you with a detailed response shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Paired T-TestsHow to perform a matched Paired t test on TI84 Student Lesson example

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