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Hermès offers a variety of collections including fashion accessories, scarves, ties, belts, perfumes, watches and jewelry for women. The brand also offers a selection of gift ideas specifically for women, such as shoes, scarves, fragrances, and ready-to-wear items. A sneak peek at the 2023 Women's collection showcases the new metallic gold Mini Kelly 20 and other handbag options. Sotheby's includes Hermès bags in their listings, with the newest Birkin Desordre, Toile Kelly 28, and Bolide on Wheels as popular choices. However, there are some luxury items from Hermès that may not be worth purchasing.

I could not find enough specific 2023 Hermès items particularly targeting 18-year-olds in the current search results. For the most accurate and detailed information on the latest Hermès items suitable for this age group, I recommend visiting the official Hermès website, contacting a Hermès store, or checking with a fashion expert who can provide personalized recommendations based on current collections and trends.

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