Brutusai, What Type Of Poligonal Shape Has The Less Ressitance


Various shapes have different levels of aerodynamic resistance and water resistance, with squares or cubes having the most drag due to their sharp corners and flat surfaces. The strongest shape for an arch is the catenary curve, while techniques such as shaping droplets into polygons or using semi-regular polygons have been studied for their fluid resistance properties. Additionally, the wetting characteristics of a material can also affect its fluid-resistance. Fractals, which contain detailed structure at various scales, and the erosion resistance of rock fragments are also important considerations in these studies.

The type of polygonal shape that offers the least resistance while moving in fluids is not a straightforward answer. However, the resistance of a shape in a fluid depends on various factors, such as its surface area, edge design, and the fluid's viscosity. Generally, shapes with rounded edges and streamlined forms tend to have less resistance when moving through fluids. If you have a specific application in mind, or would like more detailed information, feel free to ask!

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