Bongenie Grieder Moon Boots That Are Available Brand Name And

The Bongenie Grieder fashion destination in Switzerland offers a variety of snow boots in different colors and designs, along with other luxury items such as cashmere sweaters and riding boots. Customers can follow them on social media and consult their FAQ for assistance. The store has been in operation since 1891 and showcases their products on social media using the hashtag #bongeniegrieder. The current collection features neutral colors like moon grey, sandy beige, and immaculate white. A vintage advertisement from 1961 featuring their store, known as Bon Genie, is also available for purchase.

I couldn't find specific moon boots available at Bongenie Grieder, along with their brand names and descriptions. It's possible that the availability of specific moon boot brands and styles at Bongenie Grieder may vary, and I recommend reaching out to the store directly or visiting their website to inquire about the current moon boot options they offer.

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