Bogner Fanja Jacket Described

The snippet describes the Fanja long down jacket, which has pure duck down padding for warmth and a satin finish technical fabric with water-repellent properties. It also includes features like an adjustable hood, logo pendants, and a rounded hem. The overall style is described as a quilted, parka-style jacket with a back zip detail, and it is made with 85% duck down and 15% recycled materials.

The Bogner Fanja jacket is a long down jacket designed to provide both comfort and style. This piece utilizes pure duck down padding, ensuring exceptional warmth, while its satin finish technical fabric offers a water-repellent property for added protection against the elements. The design incorporates an adjustable hood, distinctive logo pendants, and a rounded hem, culminating in a fashion-forward yet practical look. The Fanja jacket is characterized by its quilted construction and parka-style, with a notable back zip detail. Additionally, it is composed of 85% duck down and 15% recycled materials, aligning with Bogner's commitment to quality and sustainability.

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