Best Cheap Eating Places For Vegetarian Roast Dinners

In London, there are several restaurants and pubs that serve delicious vegan and vegetarian roast dinners. The options range from traditional British pubs to more upscale gastropubs. These places include Cafe Van Gogh, The Bull & Gate, The Crooked Billet, and The Lighterman. Many of these spots offer affordable prices for their Sunday roasts, making them accessible to a wide range of people. Additionally, some of these restaurants, such as LD's Kitchen at The Black Heart, offer unique twists on the traditional roast dinner, using mock meats and homemade Yorkshire puddings. Overall, there are plenty of options for herbivores to enjoy a satisfying and tasty Sunday roast in London.

In North London, you can enjoy delicious and affordable vegetarian roast dinners at several establishments. Some of the best options include Cafe Van Gogh, The Bull & Gate, The Crooked Billet, The Lighterman, and LD's Kitchen at The Black Heart. These places offer a delightful range of vegetarian roasts at reasonable prices, ensuring a satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank.

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