Bangalore Weather

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India is currently experiencing overcast weather with a chance of rain on some days within the next week. The temperature ranges from 72°F to 79°F and the wind is estimated to be around 13 km/h. The air quality is hazy but considered moderate. This forecast applies to the Sampangi Rama Nagar and Bangalore areas. The forecast is expected to remain similar over the next 3 days, with a mix of sunshine, clouds, and potential rain showers. On average, the temperature is expected to be around 75°F in the morning and 70°F in the evening.

The current weather in Bangalore, Karnataka, India is overcast with a chance of rain in the upcoming week. The temperature ranges between 72°F to 79°F, with a gentle breeze at about 13 km/h. The air quality is hazy but moderate. Over the next three days, expect a combination of sunshine, clouds, and the possibility of rain showers. Morning temperatures will average around 75°F, while evenings will be around 70°F.

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