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The text describes various studies and research related to electronic health records and information systems in hospitals. This includes examining management practices, service delivery, and success factors in Nigerian teaching hospitals, as well as the development of expert systems for diseases like HIV/AIDS. It also touches on the use of information systems in improving health outcomes, upgrading information management, and aiding in decision-making processes in clinical practice. The studies also highlight the necessary skills and tools for implementing and using these systems.

It seems like the information available related to Babcock University's hospital management information system is more academic or research-oriented rather than specific to the task you've provided.

Given the complexity of the tasks you've outlined, it would be best to break them down into individual steps to ensure accuracy and efficiency in addressing each one.

Let's start by designing an ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagram) for the hospital management information system. Once we have a clear ERD, we can move forward with the other tasks. Creating an ERD will help us establish the entities, their attributes, and the relationships between them. Shall we begin with that?

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