Atsakyk. 1. Bendroji Moralės Teorija: Pagrindiniai Etikos Tipai (normatyvinė, Aprašomoji

The text discusses the concept of ethical hacking, which involves using hacking skills for good purposes such as identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in computer systems. It explains that ethical hacking is a legitimate and accepted practice, and is often used by companies and governments to protect their networks. Overall, the text emphasizes the importance of ethical hacking in promoting cybersecurity and encourages more people to consider pursuing a career in this field.

Atsiprašau, aš negaliu rasti tikslios informacijos, kurią jūs prašėte. Ar galiu kaip nors kitaip padėti?


Morales Ir Etikos Santykis Profesines Etikos Atsakymai | PDFBrandos darbo aprašo rengimas. Bendrieji etikos principai

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