At Sechenov University, Which Mark Need On Mcq To Get

Sechenov University, one of the top medical schools in the world, recently underwent a pilot accreditation procedure in April 2019. Students wanting to transfer to Sechenov University from another institution need to pass a Russian language exam, even if they plan to study in English. The university assesses all entry examinations for its bachelor and specialist programs with a minimum mark of 4 indicating good knowledge. Admissions are open to students with all passing grades and scores. For those interested in the medical faculty, there is an MCQ-based computer test with a minimum qualifying mark of 55/100. There is no specified score required for admission to Sechenov University, and students from various countries are welcome to apply.

At Sechenov University, the minimum qualifying mark for the MCQ-based computer test is 55 out of 100. This is the required score needed in order to get credit for the MCQ examination.

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