At Present, The Educational Landscape In Afghanistan Is Marred By

According to multiple text snippets, Afghanistan is currently facing a severe issue of girls being denied access to education due to the Taliban's ideological beliefs. 2.5 million school-aged girls and young women are not receiving education, with 30% having never attended school at all. The Taliban's regime has made Afghanistan the only country where girls are prohibited from obtaining higher education, and they have a history of denying women and girls this right. The Taliban's rule has resulted in the closure of many schools and has forced families to marry off their teenage daughters instead of supporting their education. In August 2021, many schools in Afghanistan were closed due to the change in government.

The current educational landscape in Afghanistan has been marred by the suspension of girls' education by the Taliban. This troubling situation has led to the emergence of several independent groups working clandestinely to provide online education for girls, given the lack of clear policy on the issue.

These efforts are being conducted discreetly to avoid the scrutiny of the Taliban. However, without a coordinated and official policy in place to support and regulate such initiatives, the sustainable provision of education to girls remains precarious and subject to potential disruption. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a clear and inclusive policy framework that not only allows for the continuation of education for girls but also ensures their safety and security. This framework should also address the underlying cultural and logistical challenges that impede their access to learning.

The current situation in Afghanistan, particularly in relation to girls' education, underscores the urgent need for international attention and support to ensure that all Afghan girls have access to quality education in a safe and secure environment.

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