As A Buyers Agent In Arizona, Do I Need Permission

In Arizona, it is mandatory to share inspection reports as outlined in the purchase contract, and both the seller and their agent are responsible for disclosing any prior inspection reports. The seller is required by law to disclose any important information about the property to the buyer, and it is recommended for the seller to be present during the inspection. Additionally, the seller has an obligation to disclose material facts about the property, and failure to do so can lead to disputes that may disrupt the real estate transaction. This duty to disclose applies to anyone with a valid real estate license, whether they are a broker or salesman.

In Arizona, as a buyer's agent, if the purchase contract outlines the requirement to share the inspection report with the listing agent, you may need to do so, especially if it's a stipulation in the contract. Additionally, there is a responsibility for both the seller and their agent to disclose any prior inspection reports according to Arizona real estate laws. It's advisable to review the specific terms of the purchase contract and consult with legal counsel if there are any uncertainties about disclosure obligations in this scenario.

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