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The Texas Legislature has proposed new bills to make illegal border crossings a state crime, causing concerns among immigration experts for the potential risks of wrongful arrest, detention, and deportation for both citizens and immigrants with permission to be in the U.S. One specific bill, SB 4, aims to empower Texas peace officers to arrest undocumented immigrants and could potentially lead to the use of race as a determining factor for law enforcement. The case State v. Flores highlights USCIS's jurisdiction to grant or deny U visas, and the issue at hand is whether a conviction under Texas's statute criminalizing "indecency with a child" should affect one's immigration status. The state of Texas is the only state that records criminal convictions and arrests by immigration status, which some argue is discriminatory and should be revised.

Upon reviewing the information, it's evident that the correct status of such a law would indeed be a matter of legal debate. The issue could potentially raise concerns about conflicts with federal law and constitutional considerations regarding immigration regulation. Therefore, it may be subject to judicial review to determine its constitutional status.

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