Answer This Question : Investigating How Much The System Might

This text is about IBM's strategic approach to adapting to the changing needs of their business and clients. Some key factors that were considered include the importance of a globally integrated enterprise, the need for capacity planning and resource management, and the role of talent management in achieving organizational goals. The company also emphasizes the importance of effective employee performance management and providing opportunities for development and engagement. The text also mentions a case study on IBM's global talent management strategy and a resource from the Society for Human Resource Management discussing the company's approach in more detail.

The provided excerpt exemplifies IBM's strategic shift towards a globally integrated enterprise, emphasizing talent management, capacity planning, resource utilization, and employee performance management. The focus is not solely on products, but also on the strategic deployment and development of its workforce. IBM's evolution and the challenges it faced in aligning its human capital strategy with global market dynamics are the central themes of the article. If you need further, more specific details, do let me know.

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