Analyzing The Transactional Leadership Of Howard Schultz, Starbucks Company

Howard Schultz is a transformative leader who co-founded Starbucks in 1986 and led the company as Chairman and CEO until 2000 and again from 2008 to 2017. He was responsible for developing a vision and implementing it through his transactional leadership style. He also exhibited strong relationship behavior and focused on balancing profits with social responsibility. Under his leadership, Starbucks became one of the most successful and globally recognized businesses. Schultz's determination and ability to empower and inspire his employees allowed for innovation and success within the company. He is credited for creating the transactional business model that is still used today and encourages his employees to think creatively and take charge of their decisions. Overall, Howard Schultz is a highly skilled and respected leader who has transformed Starbucks into the iconic brand it is today.

Under Howard Schultz's leadership at Starbucks, his transactional leadership style was evident. He focused on creating a clear structure with an established chain of command and used contingent rewards to motivate his employees. Schultz emphasized the importance of achieving specific performance goals, while also providing recognition and rewards for their accomplishments. Additionally, he was hands-on in his approach to management and was deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, ensuring that Starbucks' standards were consistently met across all locations. Schultz's transactional leadership not only drove the company's financial success but also established a strong corporate culture centered on customer experience and employee satisfaction. His style combined elements of transactional and transformational approaches, contributing to the growth and success of Starbucks as a global brand.

Howard Schultz-The Visionary Billionaire Behind StarbuckTransactional Leadership Style for Effective Leadership in 2023

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