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In celebration of its 23-year history, Smirnoff Ice is undergoing a design overhaul and launching a nostalgia-driven national campaign. The brand, owned by Diageo, is also coordinating marketing strategies with Smirnoff Vodka to link the two products in consumers' minds. This includes a re-branding exercise that will introduce a consistent image for Smirnoff globally. Additionally, a new global campaign focused on inclusivity and a commitment to premium beer is being launched to reposition Smirnoff as a young person's brand. The refreshed brand will be showcased through new TV spots featuring Trevor Noah and other marketing innovations.

Following the rebranding strategy, as an example of a concrete move, Smirnoff Ice has recently undergone a design revitalization and launched a nationwide campaign with a focus on nostalgia to celebrate its 23 years of existence. Concurrently, the brand is aligning its marketing efforts with Smirnoff Vodka to create a strong link between the two products. This encompasses a comprehensive rebranding initiative that aims to establish a consistent visual identity for Smirnoff on a global scale. Additionally, a new global campaign emphasizing inclusivity and a dedication to premium quality is being rolled out to position Smirnoff as a brand for the younger demographic. The revamped brand's presence will be highlighted through fresh television advertisements featuring personalities such as Trevor Noah, alongside other innovative marketing strategies.

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