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Summary:This text includes various references to reading specialist Anne Glass, who is featured in Howcast videos explaining the principles of good reading lessons and the importance of reading fluency. She is also the author of a two-book series and her own novel "Back To One." Glass also hosts book signings and is a Reading and Learning Specialist at Purnell, where she takes into account parents' insights and suggestions for student success. Many books are recommended as must-reads for those interested in Glass's work.

Anne Glass, a reading specialist, offers valuable suggestions for promoting reading in children. Modeling reading behavior by allowing children to watch adults enjoy books is one effective method, as it sets an example and encourages them to engage in reading themselves. Additionally, having a designated reading place can be especially impactful, making it a comfortable and inviting space with items such as a big comfy chair or a fluffy blanket to enhance the experience.

In terms of eliminating distractions, not only should visual and auditory disturbances like TV and loud noises be minimized, but it's also important to address physical needs like hunger to ensure that children can fully focus on the book. Additionally, providing a small incentive, such as a book light, can be an effective way to encourage children to read and make the activity more enjoyable.

It's clear that these strategies aim to create a positive environment and mindset around reading, making the experience enjoyable and rewarding for children.

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