Act Like A Researcher. Give Me A List Of Keywords

Employers commonly include keywords like project management, senior project manager, renewable project management, problem-solving, active listening, analytical thinking, conflict resolution, decision making, disaster recovery, prioritization, service management, CMDB/Asset Program Manager, leadership, motivation, verbal communication, time management, team management, organization, negotiation, research skills, develop project plans, manage project teams, monitor project progress, communicate with subcontractors, establish key project criteria metrics, project planning, management, change management, engineering, Microsoft Access, copy protection, software development life cycle (SDLC), agile methodologies, and project planning in their project manager job descriptions. A versatile professional with 20+ years' experience in project management and excellent hard skills is preferred.

Here are the keywords from the job description that could be used for candidate search:

  1. Senior Project Manager
  2. Construction Management
  3. Pre-construction services
  4. Cost estimates
  5. Project bid reviews
  6. Contracts, drawings, estimates, and specifications compliance
  7. Project controls
  8. Schedules and performance management
  9. Systems commissioning and training
  10. Project closeout
  11. Construction meetings
  12. Change Order analyses and negotiations
  13. Certified payroll records
  14. Environmental and general permit requirements
  15. SB 844 requirements
  16. FF&E installations
  17. Commissioning and training
  18. Safety requirements adherence
  19. Engineering
  20. Microsoft Office Suite
  21. MS Project, Prolog, Kahua, or Primavera
  22. Design-Bid-Build projects
  23. Local contractors
  24. Correctional facilities and medical facilities

You can use these keywords to search for candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience for the Senior Project Manager position.

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