According To The Bible, How Many Created Orders Inhabited Heaven

The texts mentioned various elements and events of Creation according to biblical accounts. Initially, God created heaven, followed by the earth. The cosmos consists of three levels - heaven, sea, and earth, created in the same order. The crowning moment of creation was the creation of Adam and Eve. Creation was completed over six days, with light and land rising next. Messenger beings were involved in the teaching and establishment of God's kingdom on earth. The mythological cosmic ocean Tehom was present before the creation of the firmament, which separated the waters above and below. God also prepared many kingdoms for the growth and prosperity of all his children. The text snippet in Genesis states that God created the heavens and the earth, with a mention of the earth being formless and dark before creation.

The Bible does not explicitly mention the specific number of created orders that inhabited heaven before the earth was created. The focus of the biblical narrative is on the creation of heaven and earth by God as well as the subsequent events, rather than providing an exact count of pre-existing orders in heaven. Different religious scholars and interpretations may offer varying perspectives on this topic, but it's important to recognize that specific details regarding the number of orders are not explicitly outlined in the biblical text.

Four "Creations" and the Four "Worlds"The Creation Story (As Told by the FSB)

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