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In her essay "Stuff Is Not Salvation," Anna Quindlen criticizes the consumer culture in America, arguing that people often waste money on unnecessary items and falsely believe that material possessions bring happiness. Quindlen emphasizes that true salvation, or fulfillment, cannot be attained through purchasing goods. Through various examples and anecdotes, she urges readers to reevaluate their priorities and avoid becoming materialistic. While her argument may not be entirely convincing, it raises important questions about the role of consumerism in modern society.

I currently do not have direct access to the full text of "Stuff is Not Salvation" by Anna Quindlen, but based on the information available, Quindlen suggests that individuals can stop consuming products to live happier lives by reevaluating their priorities and finding fulfillment beyond material possessions. She emphasizes that material possessions do not bring lasting happiness and urges readers to reassess their relationship with consumerism.

Similarly, Henry David Thoreau's "Where I Have Lived and What I Have Lived For" advocates for a deliberate, simplified way of life that allows individuals to find genuine happiness beyond material possessions. Thoreau encourages introspection, connection with nature, and the pursuit of simplicity as means to attain fulfillment.

Quindlen might provide evidence through social observations, emphasizing the transient nature of materialistic satisfaction and the emptiness of a life centered around consumerism. In contrast, Thoreau could support his arguments by drawing from his own experiences living a minimalist lifestyle and finding contentment in simplicity and nature.

Both writers suggest that genuine happiness lies beyond the realm of material possessions and consumerist culture. They encourage a reevaluation of priorities and a shift toward experiences, relationships, introspection, and nature as sources of fulfillment.

Without direct access to the full texts, I can offer a more detailed analysis with relevant quotes and passages if you provide excerpts from "Stuff is Not Salvation" and "Where I Have Lived and What I Have Lived For."

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