According To Jones Et Al., (2023), Which Of The Following

This text discusses the topics of wellness, biblical worldview essentials, well-being, platform scalability and sustainability, workplace wellness programs, and the effects of comprehensive workplace wellness programs on employee health. It also mentions an ongoing debate around the inclusion of individuals in educational placements due to potential negative effects. The researchers in the future year suggest that well-being is being included in specific frameworks for multiple reasons. A company announcement in the future year serves as evidence of their focus on platform scalability and sustainability. The inclusion criteria for a study in the workplace wellness field were adults of working age who self-reported as healthy. Evidence suggests workplace wellness programs aim to reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. There is also a growing understanding that workplace wellness should be a collective effort rather than solely an individual responsibility.

I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to find the specific information you're looking for. If you have the exact text from Jones et al. (2023), I can help analyze and provide insight into the reasons for including wellness in the B-Well model.

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