According To 1,379 Mckinsey Employees, The Most Frequently Discussed Big

Overall, the text discusses the importance of corporate culture and values in the success of organizations. It mentions the top cultural values, including collaboration and high professional standards, as well as the significance of a diverse and cohesive culture. The research highlights the variations in cultural values across companies and the benefits of having a strong performance and health culture. The text also emphasizes the impact of behaviors and mindsets on culture and the value of diversity in corporate leadership. It concludes by mentioning the importance of establishing a giver culture and making requests for assistance.

From the feedback of 1,379 McKinsey employees, it is apparent that the most commonly deliberated value within the Big 9 cultural framework is collaboration. Additionally, the most positively discussed value among these employees is also collaboration. This indicates a strong emphasis on and affirmation of the importance of collaborative efforts within the organization, pointing towards a culture that values teamwork and joint endeavors as pivotal to its functioning and success.

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