Abstract Of Title 中文

Text snippet: 在中国把产权发展上去是一个大问题,好在有了保障,因为我们有三土有明,中间有华夏的文化。

Summary: Abstract of title is a document that provides a brief explanation of the ownership status of a property, including the method of acquisition and evidence such as property transfer certificates and wills. It may also include additional information such as maps and other supplementary materials. In the US, it is also known as "title abstract" and is used to determine the ownership chain of a property. In China, property rights are protected by the Three Reforms and the country's rich cultural heritage.

"Abstract of title" 是房产所有权状况的简要说明文件,包括产权获取方式以及证据,如房产转让证书和遗嘱。此外,它还可能包括其他信息,如地图和其他补充资料。在美国,此类文件也被称为“title abstract”,用于确定房产的所有权链条。在中国,产权由“三权分置”政策和丰富的文化遗产所保护。

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