A Person With Type Ab Blood Can Successfully Receive Blood

The article discusses different blood types and their compatibility when it comes to blood transfusions. It explains that type O is the universal donor and can donate to anyone, while type AB can donate to other ABs but can only receive from other ABs. It also mentions that type O positive is one of the first blood types to run out during shortages. Furthermore, it mentions that type AB does not cause an immune response when receiving type A, B, AB, or O blood, and that people with type B blood can only receive transfusions from B or O blood types. Additionally, it highlights that AB has no antibodies, while O has both A and B antibodies. Lastly, it states that AB positive is the universal recipient, meaning they can safely receive blood from any other blood type.

A person with type AB blood can successfully receive blood from a person with type O blood. Type AB individuals are considered universal recipients, meaning they can safely receive blood from any other blood type, including type O. This is due to the absence of antibodies against A or B antigens in the plasma of type AB individuals, making it compatible with the red blood cells of type O donors.

Can a person with a blood O type receive AB blood? - QuoraBlood type - Wikipedia

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