60 Words About Helvetica Now Variable Font Family

The text discusses the release of Helvetica Now Variable, a new font from Monotype Studio. This font offers over a million new styles, including italics, in one compact font file. It supports three axes - weight, width, and optical size - and can be used in various design settings. The font builds on the success of Monotype's 2019 re-design and release of Helvetica Now, and saves time and space for designers. It is available for desktop, web, and application licensing, offering different options based on intended usage.

Helvetica Now Variable is a font family introduced by Monotype Studio. It includes over a million different styles, such as italics, within a single compact font file. This font supports three axes: weight, width, and optical size, making it highly versatile for different design needs. The release builds upon the success of Monotype's previous Helvetica Now release in 2019, offering designers a time-saving and space-efficient solution. It is available for desktop, web, and application licensing, providing varied options based on usage requirements.

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