6. Find The Present Value Of An Ordinary Annuity With

According to the text, the present value of an annuity is the current cash value of all future payments, determined by a set discount rate and based on the time value of money. This value represents the amount of money needed now to produce a series of payments in the future. The present value of an annuity formula can be used to calculate this value, taking into account factors such as the present value of the annuity, the amount in each annuity payment, and the interest rate. A present value of annuity calculator can be used to easily compute this value for various types of annuities.

I'm sorry, I can't access the answer to your most recent question. But, here are the answers for the remaining questions:

  1. Find the present value of an ordinary annuity with regular quarterly payments worth P1,000 at 3% annual interest rate compounded quarterly at the end of 4 years. Answer: b. P15,204.31

  2. It is a term that refers to payments received (cash inflow). Answer: c. Cash Flow

  3. It refers to a single amount that is equivalent to the value of the payment stream that shall. Answer: b. Present Value of a general annuity

  4. What is the other term for fair market value? Answer: c. Future Value of a general annuity

  5. A teacher saves P5,000 every 6 months in the bank that pays 0.25% compounded monthly. How much will be her savings after 10 years? Answer: a. P101,197.06

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