2 Bed With Outside Space Not Lease Hold Available In

This text snippet describes a variety of properties and real estate opportunities in Northamptonshire and the UK, including a 2 bed lodge for sale in Overstone, apartments for sale on a property portal, a selection of properties for sale in Northamptonshire, and a 3 bedroom house for immediate occupancy. Additionally, there is mention of a destination pub for sale on a new lease, as well as a 2 bed owner's space and two restaurants with external seating also available for sale or lease. The properties vary in size and features, with some having high ceilings and character features, and others having open plan living areas and allocated parking. All the properties are part of the UK's thriving real estate market and offer a range of amenities and leasing options for potential buyers.

Based on my search, there are several options available in Northamptonshire within your budget of £200,000. Some of these include a 2 bed lodge for sale in Overstone, apartments on a property portal, and a variety of other properties for sale. If you're interested in specific details about any of these properties or want more options, I can help you narrow down the search by providing more specific criteria.

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